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>> it is it an international play . quick programming note. neal vacuto to marklet 40th anniversary of the last moonwalk, he will host a special program called fly me to the moon. it will kick off sunday night . he spoke to our out of this world and be sure to tune n i will see you on fox business news noon eastern time. have a great weekend. >> what could be a major break in the hunt to find a terrorist responsible for killing four american in bung bung. u.s. officials egyptian authorities with the help of american intelligence have retained the leader behind the attack on the u.s. consulate. we'll talk about the big development and egyptian protestors expressing anger
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over president morcey- mursi's power. military warning that serious talk're talks are the only way to avoid a catastrophe. fox news alert. u.s. are saying with the alleged ring leader of the terrorist network tide to the brutal atalk that killed four americans. this may have stopped a new launch of al qaeda. molly? >> u.s. officials have not had a chance to interrogate him yet. but they have been tracking this guy for months. egyptian authorities arrested muhammad amad in the past week or so. he's 45 years old and the leader of a group that took part in the deadly attack in benghazi, libya on september
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11th. he appears to be ambitious and big plans for the group. this is what we know about him. a former egyptian jihad member and released arab spring and setting up terror training camps in libya and egypt with help from al qaeda in yemen. he tried to set up al qaeda in egypt. some of his followers were part of the assault on the consulate. this shows that the muslim brotherhood may be willing to assist the u.s. in going after terrorist. meanwhile secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before the house and senate about the benghazi attacks and the obama reaction to it. the independent review board should have it done soon secretary of state will testify .
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also in the war on terror, a u.s. drone took another al qaeda leader pakistan tribal leaders say a senior al qaeda commander that just areiched in pakistan a couple of days and a north delone strike took him out. he rose in the al qaeda ranks to be the terrorist network most powerful figure. >> thank you . joining us with the news of the arrest and that secretary clinton will testify before the house. welcome, congresswoman, great to have you here. what do you know about the latest arrest of the suspect tied to the attack on the benghazi consulate. >> it is welcome news they are getting results. this will be a test of the mursi muslim brotherhood led government which as of late
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was a deep disappointment and caused great concern in the international community about the move for authoritis and suppression of the minority and power grab of the mursi regime. now if they cooperate with the u.s. and turn this individual and others over to the united states for prosecution doesn't mine we'll let the mursi government off of the hook. we are giving good money after bad. the administration is asking for the government to have 450 million from u.s. taxpayer dollars . we have seen nothing but bad moves by the egyptian authorities. we are hopeful that this investigation that is it leading to this arrest and maybe others because it is not a one person operation will finally get yesterday for the
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four brave americans lot of their lives. >> talking more about that. do you expect her to have a date certain before thepped of the year? do you have a date before you? >> i have been in conversation with the department of state. there is it every indication that it willthe end of the year. as soon as the report is complete. we believe she will testify in a open setting and perhaps the leaders of the report and lead investigators may be testifying before us in a closed setting. we have been frustrated with the administration because they keep having closed briefings and cluding one in dc and another classified briefing and we want the
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american people to know what happened in bing beng and extra help not heeded, and why did susaprice go on five national news to talk about this video when in fact we knew that the video was not to blame . why did president obama go before the united nations general assembly and six times make reference to a video when it was not the cause of an al qaeda terrorist attacks, so the american people want answers in an open setting and we are glad that secretary clinton will appear before us. >> is this the only committee she will testify before . will she talk with others. >> in our conversation with department of state it is it clear that the secretary will testify before our house committee and septemberor kerry foreign relations committee and those will be the only two committee hearings in which she will there might be other closed
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briefings. we have had enough closed brivings. i think the families of brave americans deserve answers and the american people need to be told the truth because what we want is not just a rehash the past but in the future make sure our posts guarded and the host government knows their penalties for the embassy and make sure there are indication of attack, we are taking pressures not to have them be open targets but we will shelter them and protect them. that should be the responsibility of the host government as well >> but also isn't the quithat needs to be asked why our embassy was in benghazi in the first place and countries like britain had already recalled the ambassador. >> it is it all so perplexing why a sad anniversary like
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9/11, that we know means so much not just for the pain of the americans but means so much for why have had an ambassador in a consulate that is not having enough security . why the request for additional security were not heapeded and why they were turned down? we had a lot of conflict being information and that is why it will be refrerk to have it done in an open setting, the administration said one thing in a closed briefing and what we might hear in a open setting might be different . we will reserve our judgment to see the results of the and report. but what we know is that all of it is troubling especially the request for further stewart. could those lives been spared and not only is that question relevant but what about the
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future and looking at what is going on in the world and what more can we co. what do we keep giving arms to countries where there are too many arms and libya is awash in weapons and give mon tow places like egypt where they are not clear on human rights and freedom. we are supposed to help allis and not buy love where why want love to be. >> we'll look forward to the testimony. however, they could be ready to launch a new rocket on monday. that's when the window opens for the rogue nations to send a rogue satellite in orbit. u.s. officials think it is it a cover to test technology for
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a missile used for the united states . >> and travel forces in pakistan. terrorist leadership was hiding out near the border of pakistan. they are aware of the deaths but not confirming the igentity or how important the leadership was at this time. >> there are growing fierce that the civil war in syria could escaulate. syria is stocking piling chemical weapons. but since international inspectors have never been inside of the country, we don't know how big the arsnil is. new reports president assad may be willing to unleash as an effort foget control. >> they are joining us to
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break it down. welcome, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. the president said if syria resorts to using chemical weapons there will be consequences and it is it a red line for the white house. what do you think it could to trigger military action? >> the reason i am smiling the administration should have played this card a year ago. this is putting more pressure. there is no evidence that syria will be nutty enough to use chemical weapons. but if you indicate to the core of syria we can reach out and touch you and have your phone numbers and telling you don't do this and that. you are causing more unrest. this is putting more pressure and breaking the ranks. we did this successfully in 2003 when we were attacking to bagwell.
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we sent out the same sort of messages to the iraqi officers don't use them. we found out they didn't have them. it shattered them and caused them to be nervous and not to want to fight us it is it a smart political move and a you leverage move. it doesn't mean that syria is geth ready to use chemical weapons. >> but the new intelligence that the u.s. is having is that not only moving but using the bombs now. >> i am skeptical about someone talk about new intelligence. i don't believe our intelligence community is so lacking in capability to look ahead they are not watching the weapons for a couple of years now . so i am not, i am not impressed that they are saying it is part of the a larger game plan. i -- it is putting pressure
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and not a sudden worry that they are about to use them. >> syria is suspected of possessing the world's third largest after the u.s. and russia. seron gas can be put in arstilliery shells whampt if is the risk for the u.s. should those weapons be used. >> again, when we start making these large blanket statementings of weapons. in secret our intelligence agency knows what bunkers they are in and how many they are and know and the syrians know we know . we do face an issue down stream at some point which is not that the syrians use the weapon. how do we get them before the terrorist get them. that one is going to be tough to figure out .
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because the only logical thing is to send teams on the ground to secure them and that's a, you really have to think carefully how you do that. >> really quickly sir, to your point of other terrorist geth their hands on the weapons. if assad flees for example. that is the big worry. militant groups that are on the ground there and rebels gleting their hands on the weapons . the impact of that. can you speak to that for a moment. >> that's the big worry and i think that is why the administration really too slow in setting up contacts on the ground. we have too much hands off on this . the administration knows it and now moving behind the scenes to insure wherever the weapons are. we have linkages with in those areas. we are not getting to get caught unprepared and i think
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we are slow on but i bet behind the scenes that's what we are doing. getting together with different people, syrians on the ground and have different targets if it comes apart and where we want syrians that we have faith in going there and securinglets and talk with nato about whom we send in on the ground to extact those weapons. i hope in secret we are doing that right now. >> let's hope so, sir. great to have you on board. appreciate it >> korea pop singer created a popular buzz. his video has the most views on youtube history. but he made disturbing anti-american statements back in be you of in the early stages of the iraq war. he rapped about killing
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yankees. hereria more on the revelation and dominic. >> he's gone from a smash hit and slap in the face for american fans from gangum in style to comments about the troops and erupted overnight and outrago line over the discovery of his use of inflammatory liribs dating back to 2002 and anti-american protest performance. he rapped in a 2004 concert about killing yankees. those are the yankees that are torteuring iraqi captives and the lyrics were written by a second korea act and pippers with various things when describinglet troops and the went on to rap that the soldiers families should be kill would slow lie and painfully. during that in a he had smashed a model u.s. tank on
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stage and that was in protest to the large deployment of the u.s. military to iraq. >> and he said it was because of the killing iraq and two killing of school shared by others around the world . he was honored to perform in front of the american soldiers and that included an appearance on the jay leno show specifically for u.s. troops and said in his final statement i hope they can accept my apology. >> he was slated to perform for president obama . that is probably unlikely now, uma and the petition to rescind that invitation is submitted on the white house website. we'll see what happened there. losing a lot of fan united states. >> absolutely with those
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comments he will lose fans. >> still to come, we have a real treat. a live one on one with reverend franklin graham . make sure no child is forgotten especially at christmas. ? the financial advisor gives his take on the looming fiscal cliff. >> the president will want it and get it and win the battle on the higher tax rates on upper income people. >> art lafferks r said the gop still has more cards to play in their hand. ♪ ♪
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welcome back everybody. help is on the way for hurricane sandy victims in washington. getting that money approved will not be easy. >>let white house sent letters
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to john boehner and harry reid requesting 60.4 billion saying after hurricane sandy they're funds necessary to finance. and there is impants . in dc money is quiet . speaker boehner said we have the request and we will view it they need to make sure they don't spend too much money they don't should saying it is our responsible to make sure they are giting the most . that i can sure they are times
9:24 am
and targeted. governors of new york and jers. asked for it 79.billion and this is well short of governors and senators are thankful for the money and senators say it is it a tough fight in the congress given the fiscal cliff . members are not friendly to disaster relief. but the care has given a good head start. president obama signed an executive ordering the tax force . it will be shared by the secretary of housing and urban. >> and tough words from mike huckabee. when it comes to the bible.
9:25 am
american is ignorant. >> news anchors and enterstain tainers who think they understand. they will have weird ideas about what the and. he goes on to say there is it a lack of understanding about who jesus is. is america bib biblically ignorant. i will read thos responses later in the hour. >> the economic forecast remains challenging . we'll see more unemployment lines in 2013. art lakker has more . rest sure there is home.
9:26 am
reverend franklin talks about faith in the challenging times. >> reverend graham will joins live. stay with us. ♪ clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo.
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>> welcome back everybody. egyptian authorities have a suspected ring leader behind the attack in benghazi now in custody. peter doocy has more on that. >> uma, muhammad abdull amad is suspected of being head of the terrorist network that carried out attack in september in benghazi that kim would four americans. he is captured in the past week. officials have not said how or where he was cot.
9:31 am
even with the dead lineup getting closer. john boehner accuses the white house of waisting another week and failing to resphond to a gop offer . house respects are blocking a bill that would prevent a middle class tax increase. the supreme court will said they'll take up two cases that involve same-sex merge. they'll look at the california ban on gay marriage and another case that legally married gay couples can be deprived of federal benefits. hanukkah starts at sun down. jews will be lighting the first candle of the menora as they velbrate the frest val of lights. uma, back to you. >> peter, thank you very much.
9:32 am
>> the egyptian military is warning of consequences if the crisis is not resolved soon. they have taken their demands to the gates of the presidential palace . here is more from jerusalem with the latest on that situation. >> it is fairly quiet in all of eand no large protest in tahir square . because of the calm the military has begun to place barriers between the protestors and presidential palace and putting tank concrete and and protestors breached the palace walls. the two-week long political stand off continues with the egyptian military trying to be the mediator. they warned of consequences if the current crisis is not
9:33 am
resolve urging dialogue. muhammad mursi, the egyptian period called for talks. but the opposition refused to attend meetings with the g. the political crisis started two weeks ago when mursi gave him dictatorial powers. at least they went so far during all of this protesting in the last two weeks and they stay they will not accept a vote on december 15th on the draft conversation that mursi government put forward . a spokesman did hint of a compromise . where that is going with the two groups and refusing to talk to each other is anyone's guess, uma. >> thank you for the update and more on the fall out in of the looming fiscal christ u cliff. there will be no deal without
9:34 am
tax increases . art lakker former member of the reagan advisory board said it is not good economics and it will contribute to more lay offings. he predicts despite the protest, the gop will lose and the president will make good on his promise. >> we want higher tax rates on the higher income earners and that the worst place to raise tax rates. they are employers and purchasers and they're the job creators and the last people you want to provide disincentives. the president will want it and giveget it and win the battle on the higher income people. >> you think that the gop will cave in. >> on this issue they have to . the gop, forgive me, uma. i am nolt an expert. i would like to see them passlet tax bill and extend it for people under $250,000 .
9:35 am
extend the tax cuts for over $250,000 as well. in two separate bills and the democrats take full responsibility for the tax increases and they will own the bad economy of 2013 and 14 . the republicans can change government and bring back sensible economic policy. i don't see the president giving n and he will hurt the economy a lot. >> he has a man date beginlet fact he won the election and he he has the green light to move forward on >> he didn't get 51 percent of the vote to be honest. he got the same amount as george bush and he didn't have a mandate. look at ronald reader who got 59 percent . cool ridge and nixon who got 60 percent. the republicans control the
9:36 am
house and governor ships and they control the state legislator. he's just pushing his power throughout and will damage the economy unfortunately. >> a lot of conservatives are angry with the speaker. because they believe hae giving in too fast over the issue much tax and there is it a lolt of discussion going on in the party about what it is it that the gop stands for. >> yeah. it is it one of the problems when you have the house of representative. there are 435 members of the house of representative and they reach one thinks of themselves as knowledgeable persons . to get them to operate in a coordinated fashion is difficult like herding cats . you need to have it act as one voice . would love to see the republicans vote to extend all of the tax cuts and that's
9:37 am
what they should do and let the demcrats take responsibility for the ones that don't get i don't want to see new legislation brought through the house right now. i don't think that is smart. there is no way they will win on this one. they will be held up as being obstructionalist and that is sad they are the only sensible people in the game. >> were you surprised for the president to be asking for the debt ceiling to be raised? >> no. he will play every card he can . stee how far he can push the republicans to see them make bad moves and he will hold them up for mockery and excuse me. >> but the debt ceiling issue is something that people were not counting on to be brought up at this time. >> because the president is anticipating the next problem . he will have a lot of problems as we go along. let economy will be bad in
9:38 am
2013. we'll have an incres in deficit and unemployment and he will more programs and he will not put them throughoutthrough without incrising the debt ceil that is not good for anyone. it really is. >> it is it a sobering forecast. and i know that you are watch carefully. >> yes, i am. but the nice thing about this, uma, in 2014. there will be 33 senate seats up and i think the republicans are going to take control of the senate after this debacle and then we'll get good economics. >> we'll see what lies ahead. look being -- looking forward to the next election. >> we appreciate your insights. >> my pleasure,. >> art laffer is the father of supply side economics . that is it a school of thought that lower taxes spurs growth.
9:39 am
>> and an organization that speaks of the true spirit of the season. offering young sterse encouragement and love. reverend franklin graham heads up that effort and will join us live. volunteer ship mats that are giving hurricane sandy victims a lot of hope. >> we are live in staten island. two navy ships are housing volunteers of the american red cross and fema and they work and eat together and patriotic living quarterings. we'll bring you a day in the life, next. ♪ a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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>> welcome back, everybody. a home away from home. that's what they are providing for hundreds of super storm sandy volunteers. that is where anna is joining
9:44 am
us live. >> good afternoon to you uma and everyone at home. since super storm standy hit. red cross is mobilizing volunteers. where on earth do you put them. that is where the 600 foot long u.s. navy ship came n it is it husing vole tears and they also had volunteers on board. >> nearly 200 red cross and fema core volunteers are living in an unconventional place. never in my wildest. it is not only helping people but it is an adventir. >> they are cysting for own a month now. >> fema score vool ears are serving the drs set nupt
9:45 am
tri-state area. >> they are coming in the drc right off of the street . they run out of the doredoors. >> volunteers are building relationship with the storm survivors and fellow volunteers. >> it is it always eating together and work together. >> it is not always easy. being around devastation is mentally exhausting. snorks not only do we work with the people in the shelter but the volunteers that are assigned to the shelter . living quarters are less than lex ourous. >> i didn't know i was going to sleep in a coffin. >> i will make the best of the where ever i am assigned. >> even if it is on a ship and this is the shelter they talk about for most of the life. >> we say let's go home and we are coming home here it is it like a home away from home. and uma, the sswright is going to be here in staten island
9:46 am
for another week . fema coir will wrap up their duties by then and the american red cross will find more for the volunteers. >> we wish them all of the best. thank you very much. >> wrapping up all . joy of christmas and something small as a shoebox. that's what they are doing to do to help people around the world . thousands and thousands of young disperse reverend franklin graham who is it here to offer the thought and helping people hold on to their faith in challenging times. stay with us. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot?
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>> welcome back. he is a dynamic outspoken christian evangelist that changes the lives of people in the world. >> he is hed of the american's
9:51 am
purse. it joys is schools supplies. he will talkitous about the practical and keeping help alive. >> you are hard at work fillinglet shoe boxings. testimony us about the program. >> it is it great to be with you. we have hundreds of volunteers working here today. we have the ghirl boxes and boy boxings and go to over 5-- 100 countries with the gifts and want everyone to know that god loves and cares for him and he sent his son. that is what christmas is all about. he gave jesus christ for our sins. i want the world to know that god loves us. >> you have been collecting
9:52 am
shoe boxes to the tune of 100 million since 1993. that is incredible. >> we'll have our 100 millionth box. i never dreamed when we helped people in bosia that we would be going to hundred companies. we give thim the glory and we thank him . people that are watching, they can be a part and go on line and they can build a box. we'll be doing it until the end of the year. and go to samarit an's purse.organd track it and see what country it goes tompt >> not only in christmas time. i know you respond to natural disasters as well >> we do. and like we have hundreds of volunteers working in new jersey and new york after hurricane sandy .
9:53 am
they go in when people's homes are destroy water is in and we mud out and take the wet dry wall out . then we'll go back and we'll paint the house and put the carpet on down. we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers that work with sarmaitans and purse and responding to hurricane sandy. people in the northeast are hurt we need more volunteers and need them in february, january and march and beginning of the summer. they need our help. >> let me ask you quickly. in the challenging times with the economy and military conflicts and poverty. what do you tell people in terms of holding on to their faith in turbulint times. >> remember that loves us .
9:54 am
the problem that the world has today is sin. it is our sin that separates us from god and willing to confess our sins and repent and believe on the name of the lord jesus christ and invite him in the hearts and lives. he will heal our lives. we'll have storms and sometimes it is the storm of marriage or business or a storm like in hurricane sandy. the hankor that we hold on to is knowing that god loves us and gave jesus christ for our sins. no matter what happens in life. we know that our soul, our soul is secure in the hands of almighty god. >> reverend graham. it is it a pleasure to have you today. woo we wish you all of the best with operation christmas child. >> come help us. we need more help. >> absolute lie, we'll be there.
9:55 am
>> and we have breaking news right now about former stouth african nelson mandela. the current president is say thag mandela was admitted to the hospital for tests. he said that mandela is doing well and no cause for alarm. he is 94 years old and in frail health for sometime. he hasn't made public appearances over the last few years. >> we asked and you answered. do you agree with mike huckabee's comment that america is biblically ignorant . researchers developed a new fruit. it is two tropical favorites. we'll tell you what it is next. ♪ ♪ siness!
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♪ >> well, if you like pina colada, it's between the cross between a coconut and a pineapple. they've been trying to develop it new kind of pineapple, sweeter and juicier than a normal one. you have to wait about two years before the new breed comes out. and the

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